Tuesday, March 13, 2012

McCain..Heh.What can you say?

All About.....Guess Who?

Having John MeMcCain in Congress is like having our very own PG* version of a megalomaniac dictator. You know the type: they're usually found north of the 38th parallel in other places. The ones whose standard move is to throw a temper tantrum whenever he's piqued because he thinks he's just not quite getting the attention or deference he 'deserves'.
His latest?
Sen. John McCain has worsened the Pentagon's cash flow problems by announcing he will no longer approve reprogramming requests that shift money between accounts.

Other than for emergencies, McCain said he will not support Pentagon requests to move money until he receives a detailed report on money transfers over the last two years
Hey, thanks for helping (yourself) Senator! C'mon AZ! 'Primary' this clown next time, will ya?

[Note: quotes were from original story that seems to have evolved or been redirected at the link]
*Rated PG for Poor Governance and Posturing Gratuitously

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Solomon said...

totally agree. this guy's sell by date has passed long ago.

he needs to retire 'cause he is now part of the problem, not the solution.