Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boyington Revisited

Looks like UW Student Senate is reconsidering their earlier transgressions and is moving towards a memorial for alumnus Pappy Boyington after all....of sorts. According to this article, Col Boyington's memorial will be part of memorial to a larger group of UW alumni who were awarded the Medal of Honor. Any memorial would still have to be OK'd by the University, but that seems promising given UW also started a scholarship in Boyington's name last week.

Most interesting is the reporter's brief mention of how UW
"is also trying to cool public tempers that student leaders raised when, among other things, some questioned whether the university should honor a Marine who had killed people or another rich white man."
As we discussed earlier, the kinds of things like the statements referenced above were what really drew the public's ire in the first place.

The article closes with some mention of related student initiatives:
One calls for a UW student to publicly apologize for comments she made about the military and read a book about Boyington -- or lose her senate seat.

Another asks the senate to support military recruiters' right to be on campus.

A third calls for UW students to recognize members of the military who have died in Iraq with a campus monument.
I REALLY hope the first one passes, especially if it affects the hypocrite who made the "another rich white man" crack.

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