Monday, April 03, 2006

Cobra II Analysis Update

Black Five has a list of books he read on vacation along with his reviews , and one of them is the book I’m working on: Cobra II. Black Five has many of the same misgivings as I'm developing, although I think my critique will even more severe.

This effort is really cutting in on blog production, but one of the reasons I’m being so careful with the read is that I find at least one of the book’s sponsors highly suspect. The “World Security Institute” is an umbrella organization that has under its letterhead the Center for Defense Information (CDI), which has been (IMAO) historically a major refuge for displaced military and political egos: those that have in some way or another been spurned even though they 'really know better' than those who ignored their ‘invaluable’ advice. (There’s a whole story or two in there for another time.)

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