Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Did we just lose something here?

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine the other day where he asks what I think is a very important question. Here's the text from the e-mail:
Did we just lose something here?

Driving into work this morning I passed our local High School. I noticed that about 30 students had ditched class and were marching in protest of the Immigration bill. But I noticed something significant that really bothers me. It Bothers me a lot !

They were draped in Mexican flags, they were waving Mexican flags and there was not one American flag amongst them, not one. This is turning into a trend here in California: just read the papers, or look at car windows on the freeway.

Now I support everyone's right to protest, and I respect everyone's culture. BUT, I fought for this country under the American flag and so did a lot of Hispanic friends of mine, and very bravely too. They fight today, and die, in the Middle East to preserve someone else's right to Freedom.

My Mother's ancestors came from France and my Fathers from the U.K., and they respectively settled in Canada and what is now the state of Georgia. They intermarried with American Indians, Abitibi on one side and Cherokee on the other.

I don’t have an English flag or a French flag on my car, I don’t wave or boast about being an immigrant. I don’t consider myself to be hyphenated, French-American or Brit-American or Indian-American, I'm an American.

My Grandmother was fluent in French, and in all of my life I never heard her speak in anything but English, the 'Business' language of this country. Her policy was simple, this is America, we speak English here. Every male member of my family, and a few females, all the way back to the French & Indian wars of 1755 fought here. Fought for Freedom and the right to live free. I also fought for 30 years of my adult life to preserve our way of life, my Father 33 years, his Father - WWII in Patton's army for all three campaigns (Africa/Italy/Germany), his Father in WWI as a sniper, and so on and so on...

So why is it that foreign flags are waving in High Schools across America ? Is this supposed to be politically correct ?

OR, are we being politically correct in being silent about something like this ?

Why is it that young students are being taught to walk around with foreign flags on their shoulders on city streets and sidewalks that Americans paid for? Is this pride...or a slap in the face for Americans?

This is the United States of America...or is it?

Immigration? You bet, that’s what this country stands for. The freedom to a better life.

Illegal? What part of illegal, or breaking the laws of this country, don’t you understand?

Just my opinion...

To presume to answer my friend's question: I think it depends on whether or not we recognize the moral imperative to nip this nonsense in the bud. My personal answer to the 'protests' planned for this weekend begins with my flying my American Flag at home from Friday through Sunday. I hope the weather is lousy so I can wear my flight jacket with an American Flag patch on the shoulder. I'll display any other Americana I can find. If I thought anyone was reading this I'd encourage them to do the same.

BTW: the author of the e-mail is FAR too humble about his own military service. He retired about a year ago last January. He was a SEAL when I met him 20+ years ago, and he was a SEAL when he retired. I have no idea how much time he has in the Sandbox, but he used to disappear regularly from his day job with our little activity to 'visit' the CENTCOM AOR. His 'tourism' spans from the days of the Tanker Wars through at least 3 separate trips over there that I'm aware of between 9/11/2001 and his retirement.

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