Friday, April 07, 2006

Codependent No More! The Best Reason to Clamp Down On Illegals Coming Across The Border

“Enabling” is the subconscious allowing of the illness to continue by taking care of the addict and helping them avoid the pain and consequences of their behavior. Many enablers are also co-dependent.

The United States could be viewed as a Codependent Enabler of Mexico’s problems, when it chooses NOT to clamp down on illegal aliens entering the country and force Mexico to face its own internal problems.

The remainder of this post is an extract from a web page (there are many similar out there should you choose to look for them) on Codependency, The words in (brackets) were all that was changed to illustrate my point. I could polish it a little more, but you'll get the drift.



The Enabler (U.S.) stops communication by making attempts to understand.
(Illegals entering from Mexico is presented not) as unusual but normal. There is some excuse, underlying problem, or stereotype which explains (the rampant problem of illegal entry).

The Enabler (U.S.) may evaluate, diagnose, label, blame. Feelings are avoided.

"(Mexico is an economic pressure cooker and) needs to blow off steam. (Mexico) has problems that can’t be dealt with any other way."

"Lots of (countries have) people (who are entering illegally”) ,

"Why dwell on the past (illegals who have lived here for years) ? It would only be upsetting."

" (The flood of illegals from Mexico is) just (part of our international relationship: it is just that the relationship is) going through a phase."


The problems of (Mexico) are ignored and focus is shifted to the Enabler’s (U.S.) inadequacies. The Enabler (U.S.) becomes mired in their hurt feelings and guilt.

"If (we) cared about (Mexico) half as much as (we) care about (Other Countries) , maybe (Illegal Aliens entering the U.S.) wouldn't (be such a problem)."

" (American dominance is) enough to drive (any country) to (ruin) ."

"If (America) shaped up, (Mexico would) be all right."


The Enabler withdraws all feedback or contact, represses feelings, keeps the (root source of the) problems secret.

"After what (the illegals and their supporters) did (when we publicly identified the problem), let's just not (bring it up) any more."

" (This kind of certitude) just doesn't seem to belong in (Congress right now); (Let’s punt) the (problem down the road a few years with a ‘compromise’) ."

" (The public) isn't as (pli)able as (they) used to be. I don't think we should (listen to the opinions of) our (constituents and deal with this right now)."

To avoid a deepening depression, the Enabler (U.S) reacts, tries to manipulate social events, assumes extra responsibilities, (attempts to) directly control the (debate on the problem), lectures, problem-solves, argues, questions, threatens, begs, commands, consoles, or simply gives up and joins in the (acceptance of illegals coming into the country) .

Update: I corrected some places where I fell into the PC trap of calling Illegal Aliens entering the country "Illegal Immigrants". I have no excuse and am mortified over my error.

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