Friday, April 21, 2006

Russo-Iranian Torpedo

The ballyhooed ‘sonar-evading’, super-fast “Iranian” torpedo caused a brief bubble of water-cooler talk in the aerospace sector when it was announced a few days ago. At is a good ‘public consumption’ summarization of the weapon type, probable origin, and where it fits in to the ‘threat’ equation of the U.S. Navy.

Russia seems to be of two minds as to whether or not the source of the Iranian weapon is a Russian design.

I have my own opinions as to how we will neuter the Iranian Navy if so required. If I had a super-secret blog buddy, I would ask them to keep the info in a sealed envelop under a set of Funk & Wagnals encyclopedia, until if and when it happens. Thus, when the time comes the world might marvel at my prescient ability…or more likely point out my amazing grasp of the obvious.

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