Sunday, March 11, 2007

Illinois Number 1? HAH and NEVAH!

Via Ann Althouse (in an Acting Instapundit role), we find Illinois making some noise in the 'Varsity Corruption League'.

Sure Illinois is always a favorite in the “Regionals”, but they’re never quite good enough to take the "National" title. That honor has to go to the perennial Champion: Louisiana!

Heck, Louisiana’s program is culturally imbued: 'English Law' states haven’t a chance against the 'Napoleonic Code'. Louisiana is SO dominant that surrounding states only offer token competition. Now, the run-up and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina may have provided enough impetus to cement the dynasty for another decade.


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Although the American Spectator seems to believe that Louisiana may have sacrificed quality for quantity, and a couple of years ago the Corporate Crime Reporter (PDF) tried to jigger the formula (ala BCS) in a misplaced Yankee effort to make Connecticut more competitive, let there be no doubt: the 'Huey Long Trophy' will reside in Louisiana as long as they can sustain that special 'Nawlin’s magic'.

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