Sunday, March 04, 2007

Has Lancet Fired Horton Yet?

Courtesy of Charles Johnson at LGF (once again!), we have a followup to the story he pointed out last year and I commented on here.

As I noted last time:

Now this is the second Lancet sham piece on the subject of Iraqi war deaths (as I’m sure you’ve heard about by now or remember the first), so one wonders how much longer he will be at the helm of what was once the “world’s leading independent medical journal” given his apparent proclivity to spew this nonsense, alienate others in his profession AND bite the hand that feeds him.
Now that there has been additional exposure to the scale of this sham, will Horton soon be gone?

Also, it looks like I scooped The Times last October with my update the same day:

UPDATE: The lead 'researcher' of this 'study' is the same as the last one. Coincidentally, he just happens to be a New York Democrat with political aspirations AND (Surprise!) an apparent bug up his sphincter about the war in Iraq.
All I did at the time was do a 'search' on the study author's name. What took the Times so long? (Just kidding I'm sure they and a lot of other people knew somehere and maybe I just missed the coverage).

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