Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Another F-35 and V-22 'Two-fer'

First, 'Hat Tip' to Steve Trimble at DEW line for a link to a V-22 editorial that, aside from the same sort of minor technical faux pas that kept me from buying the Editorialist's book 'new', drives home the point that the Marines know Best Value when they see it.

Then, direct from Steve Trimble: "F-35 grounding explained by Australian Aviation". Factual. Attributed quotations, Snark-free. Hope some other blog folks are taking notes.


Solomon said...

hey...your link to the "drives home the point..." doesn't seem to work.

SMSgt Mac said...

Hey thanks for the 'catch'. Link is fixed now. Sorry it took so long. - I had a 14 hour workday and got home late.
Thanks again.