Saturday, November 10, 2012

Barry Graff's "Why the F-35" Added to My Blogroll

A Force Multiplier for Truth

I've been meaning to reciprocate a link to Barry Graff's Why the F-35? blog for some time now. He's doing yeoman's work making sure the good news about the F-35 doesn't get drowned out by the anti-JSF drumbeat.
If you haven't visited, please do so frequently from now on. There you will find all the news that should be getting out in the usual venues, but 'somehow' never seems to reach their 'front pages' (at least without a trip through the spin machine). Barry's keeping abreast of the news cycle let's me spend time on other topics and activities just as near to my heart. So... Thanks! 

Note: I'm also keeping a couple of links in my blogroll that some may wonder why, as they don't get updated very often. It's just that when they do, I don't want to miss it!  

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Barry Graff said...

Thanks very much, SMSgt Mac.