Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Colin Clark: "Cost Estimates" and the F-35

Great article by Colin Clark at AOL Defense. Clark captures what weapon system 'cost estimates' really "mean" better than I've read anywhere else in the press.

If you can't visualize 55 years of Operations, don't pretend to be offended by the costs.

The 'F-35 H8ers' are no doubt dissing the F-35 and the article (and probably my comment on the thread come to think about it) as I type, but go, as they say, read it all here.

,,,and I can't post this graphic too often:
How the Anti-Defense 'Reformers' Practice 'Slash and Whine'

P.S. I'm almost done with Part 2 of the "F-35 G-Spec change" posts. Research is done. Crunching numbers now and will write it up soon.

Update 4 May: If I seem a trifle rough on some of the commenters at the AOL link, so be it. I cannot abide regurgitators of myths, poseurs, or what the Soviets used to refer to as the "govnoed".


Unknown said...

Mac, Thank you for the pic of the B-52 and it's costs. I've been begging for someone to come up with the figures of that program and compare them to the projected F-35 program cost ever since the $1.5 Trillion figure came out. The reason the F-35's cost projection is so shocking is because there's no context to relate it to any other large aircraft program.

Unknown said...

Nice post as allways.
Im sorry Sir,but could you give you opinion on the future of the F-15E?
What will replace it?
The F-35 seens to lack the range and the payload to do so...
What should,in your opinion replace the Strike Eagle?
I like the JSF , but i am affraid it will kill several niche role aircraft like the F-15E and the A-10...
I also know you opinion on the A-10(and agree with it)but isnt using a JSF in a permissive enviroment the same as using a hammer to kill a fly?
Another myth on the web seems to be that the F-35B cannot operate from roads and improvised airfields...i dont trust on much opinons on the web,so i would like to know yours.
I would also like to know your opinion on the PAK FA and the J-20...
I am sorry to annoy you Sir,i know that btw work and the blog there isnt much time,but your opinion means a great deal to me,and these questions keep haunting me.
Thank you for your time